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Safe, Fun and Family-Friendly Ways to Spend the School Holidays

Summer break may have come and gone, but the holiday season has just begun. With Thanksgiving break and winter recess right around the corner, you may already be planning ways to make lasting memories with your children throughout the school year. While big trips to Disney and international holidays may be out of the question right now, you can still enjoy time away with your loved ones without putting them or yourself at risk. Just take your cues from Blooming Bud Daycare Center’s safe, family-friendly vacation ideas.

Sleep Under the Stars

In most places across the country, fall is camping season. While it’s true that June and July are the busiest times of year for campgrounds, true campers wait until the worst of the heat and humidity is behind them to head outdoors.

In the fall, campers can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or cocoa while the sun rises and the dew lifts, all without breaking a sweat. At night, they can roast smores over an open flame and not worry about getting bit by an army of mosquitos. And during the day, they can take a hike, walk the beach or simply enjoy one another’s company without secretly wishing they were, instead, back in the comfort of their AC-cooled office.

Whether your family traditionally camps at the start of the school year or you’re looking for a safe way to enjoy your first long weekend together, pack your tent, some sleeping bags and other camping essentials and head to your nearest state park. Though it may not be the elaborate weekend getaway your family is used to, it allows you to still have fun in a socially distanced and safe way.

Go Glamping

If your family isn’t about that tent life — or if the thought of using a communal campground bathroom seems less sanitary than walking through a throng of people at an amusement park — consider glamping instead of its traditional counterpart. By glamping, which is just a fancy term for RV camping, you can explore destinations both near and far and bring the comfort of your home with you. Not only is RV camping more appealing to most people than traditional camping, but it's also one of the safest forms of travel.

With an RV, you never have to worry about finding a hotel, eating out, sharing communal facilities or any other concern that comes with traditional travel. Most importantly, your risk of coming into contact with germ-laden surfaces is greatly reduced, as you can do almost anything (other than explore, that is) in your camper.

Upgrade to a Vacation Rental

If camping and glamping are out of the question, consider reserving a vacation rental rather than booking a hotel room. Vacation rentals give you most of the benefits of RV camping — such as exclusive use of amenities, the ability to prepare and cook your own food and peace of mind that your linens are clean — without the responsibility of ownership. Thanks to sites like TurnKey, you can find rentals in some of America’s most popular cities, including Chicago, and within walking distance of local attractions, like Millennium Park, the Navy Pier, and more. The prime locations mean you can explore local sites without having to take public transportation, thereby further protecting yourself and your loved ones from exposure to germs.

Though you and your loved ones may be itching to travel again, it’s still not entirely safe to do so. To get your travel fix without sacrificing your health or safety, consider making camping, glamping or renting a part of your next holiday plans.

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